Hardware recomendations for * rack server

I would like to hear your experienses with prebuild rackservers for running asterisk. I will relly entierly on voip, and locate my server at a colocation hosting provider.

Fijitsu Simens servers seems very priceworthy (read: cheap :smile: ) are the fit for this application?

I will perform a number of concurrent recordings, not evry call but about 10% of them.

Should I use the cheaper SATA or SCSI. Or would it be a better idea to buy a lot of RAM to make the recording on a ramdrive, then moving them?

The server I looking for is 1-2U preferably 1U (more space - more $$$)


Well I just installed Asterisk onto a rack mount server. Granted the rack is mounted in our local offices’ rack. The machine is a Dell 1950, 2x Xeon 3.0 Ghz 64bit processors, 2GB RAM, 2x 160GB SATA. Got it for less than $3K - if memory serves (minus the Digium TDM800P I stuck in it). Its way overkill for out office, but it definitely runs fast. BTW - Its 1U.

As for lots of recording, you said 10% of the calls would be recorded, but not how many calls total, or how many you expect that to be. So its hard to say if the dell would be good enough for you. I don’t think you’d need a RAM drive, I’ve heard of next to no one who uses RAM drives, except for heavy database usage. I’d think a couple of 10K RPM hard drives would be fast enough for most cases.

I think the one thing you’d want to consider is keeping a decent amount of CPU power available, since all your doing is VoIP - you probably will be doing alot of transcoding.

Thanks, i will try to clear out the details

I will start about ~50 calls concurently. That means 5 recordings.

However I would like it to be scalabe, so won’t be forced to buy new hardware for a while. The line is a 100Mbit, so that means theoreticaly it would be posibly max 1600 calls concurrently. ~ 160 - 200 recordings.

A route all calls throu the same voip-termination so I will don’t need to transcode anything.

Stability however is critical, because the server will be hosted and every problem that can’t be fixed remotley by me (ssh) are going to cost me $100 / hour.


Anyone else who have this knowlegde?
I would be very greatfull to hear your advices,


Any tip on performace of the harddrives?

Does SATA handle this?
Or should I consider SCSI?

Or even a ramdrive?