Reg.setting up the asterisk server in dell machine

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I am planning to have the asterisk server in the dell server class machine.i am going to make use of the 4 tdm fxo cards. so can any one help me out the server configuration (power edge 2800), i can go with ?

Can any one help me out of this? … mensioning

We ecently installed a 2800 with a dual pri card. the system was configured with two 2.8G processors and 1 G of Ram. The system has been running in excess of 100 days with no problems or reboots. The system supports approx. 100 telephones, a mix of Cisco and Polycom

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if i want to go beyond 100 extensions, what are all the additional hardwares, i have to buy ?

what kind of extensions? Anaolg, VOIP,?

I will be using VoIP extensions…

As long as you server and network are up to speed you should need no additional hardware for VOIP extensions.

hi ,

i am planning to go with this hardware setup for my asterisk server as inital 100 extensions in SIP and 24 channel fxo tdm cards for pstn lines.

will that enough and support?

3.0GHz/2MB Cache, Xeon, 800MHzFront Side Bus for PowerEdge 2800

3.0GHz/2MB Cache, Xeon, 800MHzFront Side Bus, 2nd processor For PowerEdge 2800

3GB DDR2 400MHz (6X512MB) Single Ranked DIMMs

Dell Quietkey USB Keyboard NMB

No Monitor Option

73GB,U320,SCSI,1IN 10K;PE2800

Embedded RAID - PERC4 EmbeddedIntegrated

1.44MB Floppy Drive

USB 2-button Mouse, PE

Dual On-Board NICS ONLY


Tower Bezel for PE2800

1x8 Hot Plug SCSI Hard Drive Backplane

73GB,U320,SCSI,1IN 10K;PE2800

MR5/N,Drives attached to PERC4ei - RAID 5, 3 drives required

Tower Chassis Orientation for PE2800

Redundant Power Supply with Y-CORD and Dual Cords for PE2800

73GB,U320,SCSI,1IN 10K;PE2800

The first thing you need to figure out is how many simultaneous calls do you want to handel. See my first post and follow the link on dimensoning.
How many pstn lines are you planing on. You may be better off gettin a t1 from your pstn provider than using 24 pots lines


Rightnow i have a 24 lines with analog PSTN lines to be connected with TDM cards. The resaon to go with PSTN lines is , i have a two year service agreement with that Telephone company. this enforces to go with TDM Cards.

Also i will be having more interoffice communication, than the outside calls.

Please give me your suggestions.