hello i’ve never set up the pbx so i’m sorry if i ask to dumb questions

here it goes…
i have a 486 box with 32 ram it has 2 nic’s.
i will like to know , after i set up let say 5 ip phones. and they all work ok with this box, how can i make calls to a regular phone?, i’ve been reading and i think i need a gateway. but most peoples and sites said, with that i will be able to make internet calls :angry: and i don’t want that i just want to call to a regular phone (rj11) .
I have only one line , and i want all the 5 phones to make and received calls from that line.
If this is possible what do i need?

Thanx in advance :smiley:

get an FXO board from Digium to connect the five phones to the PSTN.