COnnecting to PSTN

I have a broadband with telephone line connection at home.I have set-up an asterisk box on a Intel PIV. I can now perform a SIP to SIP calls only. I have also an ATA box. my question is, How can I able to connect to the PSTN? I don’t have any fxo or fxs card, does does need for connection in the PSTN? I wanted to have a pbx sysem at home. When they tried to call me i want them to hear some operator or IVRS.

Please help with my problem.


two ways to connect to PSTN:

  1. over your existing analog line. you’ll need a telephony interface card for this, with an FXO port. this will allow asterisk to receive and make calls to/from the PSTN. if you want to connect your internal analog telephones to asterisk, you’ll need one or more FXS ports as well. alternately, the sipura SPA-3000 has both an FXO and FXS port and seems to be quite popular for this application.

  2. using VOIP to connect to the PSTN through a provider. for this, no extra hardware is provided - you create an IP connection to a provider that terminates to the PSTN. calls are routed via the network to your asterisk box.