Asterisk Gateway Help

Plz. i need to use my normal PBX couse a got 36 phones working with it
i want to and asterisk to work with the old pbx and still using my normal pbx
and continue with their normal phone and with the asterisk i want to connect
another asterisk that is in another parto of the world with the same situation
asterisk with old PBX (principal )
i put a diagram to understand better
someone know how to solve this problem ?

Well, first we need to establish what type of PBX we’re connecting to here. Nortel, Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, NEC, Toshiba? Is it a PBX, or is it a key system. Please provide some details and we’ll proceed :smile:

we just bouth panasonic Normal PBX with normal phone

it is posible??
legacy PBX <–> Gateway <-- Internet -> Gateway <-> Legacy PBX
what hardware do i need??

thxs :smile:

Of course it’s possible, however it depends on various factors. How do you intend on connecting the Panasonic to the Asterisk?

well i think with analog card asterisk 4 analog port
so the pci card with the four port will go to anolog line of the pbx
so the user call 432 so it gos to the asterisk for example…
well is a teory , really need help of doing it :smile:

Yes, you could do that. Have an FXO card in the Asterisk talking to the Panasonic. Then you would just have to set a rule in your dialplan so that when someone dials… lets say “8”, it would sieze one of the Asterisk ports. Then push the call through the Asterisk system and across the internet to the other server.

Seems simple enough. Just got to start programming away :smile: