Question on Inbound Call Routing

We’re running Asterisk@Home version 1.0.9 with a Digium Wildcard TDM400P with two POTS trunks, and two analog extensions, and several Diax extensions. I need to route incoming calls based on which trunk the call call came in on, but can’t see how to do this. Anyone know if this is possible? I’m assuming DID info is not passed on the analog trunks.

This is possible in Asterisk core by using a GotoIf and then evaluating on the ${CHANNEL} variable. This would all be done in the /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf file.

Now, as for Asterisk@Home I am presuming you are referring to this screen:

DID Routes

Try using the Zap channel names and see if it will use that. Otherwise, not sure how these routing features are exposed in the A@H interface.