DID Routes


anyone know how to make the DID routes feature work with SIP trunks?


What’s the “DID routes feature”? What are you trying to do?

DID routes is a feauture of AMP witch comes with A@H.

I have a ZAP trunk and a SIP trunk and I am trying to point them to DIFFERENT extensions, and I just cant seem to get it to work.

thanks d:o)

I’m still not sure what you’re trying to do. When you say “point them at different extensions” do you mean that incoming calls coming in through one interface ring one extension and incoming calls coming in through the other interface go to another extension?

If so, it’s pretty standard Asterisk stuff. But i wouldn’t have a clue how to do it with AMP or A@H.

YES, I am trying to point SIP calls at one extension, and ZAP calls at another.

Any ideas?

SO what if I have the A@h version? The only difference is amp. An you dont HAVE to use amp. If you can tell me how to do it maunally, that would be great too.


Really, the subject of this message should be “RETARD ALERT!!”, although, a single line exlaination added to the explaination for the registration line would go a LONG WAY for those of us new to linux – and especially for those of you new to PBX in general.

I am going to test this idea this evening, but based on some testing I did last night via the command line, I give this a 98.5% chance of working. I will post with my results:

according to a reference I found, when you enter your registration string for your SIP trunk, you need to have it in the following order:


where username is your SIP account username (normally your DID number)
password (obvious)
ipordomain.com is either the IP or the domain address of your provider – some providers require one or the other – such as callcentric, which I use. Very nice helpful people too, by the way, no disconnection charges, cheap rates (5.95 / month/DID + 2 cents/min or get an unlimit use for $20/month, MULTILINE!!) they require you to use callcentric.com and their system wont work if you use the IP – which mislead me to begin with, because AMP suggested to use the IP – Not so, check with your provider.

The number after the / is what asterisk will see as your DID on an incoming message.

When you set up your DID route in amp (or manually), you MUST MUST MUST MUST enter the DID EXACTALLY as you did after the / in the reg string. It seems alpha charactors are OK, and I have already proven that the number/word/whatever you put after the / in the reg string does NOT have to match the actual DID in any way – thus you could put IaMcOoL after the slash and as long as you entered IaMcOoL as the did number on your did route, it would work.

That default seems to be s. Use something other then s as your ZAP trunks will default to did s too (I learned that one the HARD way).

I KNEW it was something dumb!! d:o)

thanks for all yalls help d:o)

That was it. It works great now.

I R DUM sometimes, however, the examle failed to tell me that, so what could I expect?

anyway, I used thisiscool, and it worked just fine.

no command line stuff needed.


amp is good

thanks for all yalls help