TE110P, PRI and Inbound Routing

I have set up a new Asterisk server using Asterisk@Home and a Digium TE110P card. We’ve got a PRI from our local telco (SBC) that has a pilot number, and 20 additional DID numbers.

The install went pretty painlessly. Outgoing calls work by default, A@H set up outbound routing for external calls using 9.

My real problem is I can’t seem to get Inbound Routing working for any of the DID numbers. I can set up the Incoming Calls section to route calls to ring groups, a single extension, the digital receptionist, etc.

What I need is to be able to take each of the DID numbers and map them to extensions. I assume that’s what the Inbound Routing is for, but I must be feeding this section the wrong information.

Is AMP capable of defining what I need? Or am I better off editing the conf files manually?

Any advice appreciated, on or off-forum.

Found the missing piece. What I didn’t know is that SBC passes DID information over their PRI in 4 digits only. So you have to set up Inbound Routing for each DID using xxxx where the DID number is zzz-yyy-xxxx.