Routing incoming calls with no DNID support

I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find even a close answer to my problem. I have 2 digium TDM04B 4port FXO cards and receive no DID information from my POTS provider. I need to be able to route incoming calls to certian extension groups and I’m clueless on how to acomplish this. Can I manually set the DNID for each Zap Channel or is there a way to route calls based on which FXO port the call originated from?

the simplest way is to define a separate context for each ZAP channel, then set a variable in each context that you can use in later dialplan processing, then dumping the channel into a generic incoming context.

Not to be difficult, but I’m still learning the syntax for asterisk scripting. Could you give me an example of how you would solve it? I understand what your saying to do, but don’t know how to write the code to make it happen.

are you using A@H ? or AMP ?

A@H with AMP

i just posted this link on the A@H forums, someone asking the same question !!

Awesome post :smiley:

Thanks so much… can’t believe I couldn’t find that one after searching all day. Your help is greatly appreciated baconbuttie.