[question] Can it do

It may seem a silly question, but I have a simple server here that a friend setup with asterisk when I had high-speed dsl. I’ve moved recently and no longer have access to highspeed internet of any sort (without getting a satellite or radio link).

Presently I run a rooming house and run my own business besides the rooming house and have 1 or 2 lines only. Only 1 line in the house is good for a internet connection over 20Kbps (pity me please) so I have to forward it to the other to be able to get a reliable connection.

Now, the question.

I want to have the asterisk after the caller navigates the menu, to tell the phone it sends the call to, the following. (initially there will only be 1 ext)

  1. This is the raw phone number that called the server
  2. This is who the caller wants to speak to
  3. (less likely) this is the phone number that was called to get the server…

Can asterisk be setup to do this? I know its possible as I worked in a call centre that had the data come up like this on the phone system.


[My Company / name of person being requested] (so I can answer the phone ‘thank you for calling my company’, or ‘hey, how you doing’)
555-555-5555 (so I have a record of the raw phone number for review)

is there a add-on script or a tutorial on how to do this with asterisk? Can you point me to the section, or webpage so I can grab it? Please?



p.s this is for a regular analog phone, not a designed for voip phone. will I need to change to the voip type phone to accomplish what I want?



Seems to me like this should be easy to setup. As long as you have a card that supports caller id and VOIP client phones or an ATA it should be straight forward.


It may not be possible to figure out which number was dialed by the caller from the CO (POTS) line to which it is forwarded. I don’t know for sure.

A friend once told me you can have the phone company send you DID data on a POTS line but I’ve never asked the phone company whether it’s possible. Even if it was, my guess is it wouldn’t be free. As far as I know, what you’re asking for is only available via a data line (PRI/BRI).

Asterisk is certainly capable of telling you which number was dialed and relaying such info to the person that picks up the phone. What may be an insurmountable problem for you is getting such info from the CO.

Use of a voip provider could get you what you’re looking for but your connection speed is horrible and would make for really bad voice quality. As an example, Vonage told me I need 96kbps up/down at a minimum.

A guru may post a workaround for you that I haven’t thought of, but I think what you’re asking for is outside a regular pots line’s capability. Good luck!