I am new to VOIP and I wanted to set up a server for a fax line and a personal line. I want to set up the server to have a prompt to go to an ex. but if nothing is entered to go to a fax. will a fax work with that?

Another question is can I have two lines on one server?

and my last question is if no one awnsers the phone and it is a number that I know can I have it forwarded to another number example: if the number 555-555-0001 than it would go to 555-555-1000 and if the number was 555-555-0002 then it would go to 555-555-2000

Asterisk can do all these things. Using the fax exten or NVFaxDetect addon (if you are using voip) then it can detect a fax tone and route it to the fax machine, otherwise sending it to voicemail.
Yes you can have many lines on one server. If you have analog POTS lines you will need an interface card which supports the right number of ports. FXO ports connect to lines, FXS ports provide dialtone and connect to phones or fax machines.

And yes you can have it rewrite extens like that to forward the call.

thanks what sys spec do u thinkl I should have so my server could do this easy

as for what server that depends on how many users/channels and if you are doing cpu heavy tasks like transcoding, workign with g.729, etc.

if you have less than say 5 channels (concurrant calls) anything from a pentium2 on up is fine.

there is only going to be 2 channels on one line one to the fax and one to a phone and then on the other line there is only gonna be one line that will be wired into the house’s wiring, I don’t know what transcoding or g.729 is b/c I am new to this. I have to diff. machines one is a 100mhz CPU and 32MB and I have been trying to find something to do with it, will that do? if not i do have a 945mhz CPU and 512MB RAM.

turn the P100 into a print server or something, i wouldn’t attempt to use it for Asterisk.

ok so go with the 945mhz, for what I need this to do will trixbox (asterisk@home) work or do I need to go with something else and if so what OS, also is there good tutorials for noobs like me

that’s entirely up to you. TB is an easy way to get an Asterisk system up and running if you are short of experience with Linux. you could try AsteriskNOW, but that’s not particularly mature right now.

personally i would use a self-build and get just what i want without any bloat.

but TB will do everything that I said in past in this thread

i haven’t looked at TB/A@H since 2.8, but you can use it as a base. the send-to-extension-on-callerid bit will probably be a custom development though.

ok thanks