3-way calls thru a TAPI device: Can Asterisk handle this?

I have a dating website where users can contact members. Here’s what I’d like to set up:

-The user registers on the site to set up a phone call with the desired person, and is given a PIN. The user calls our POTS line and enters the PIN to identify themselves. Alternatively, they could provide their phone number and we could grab the caller ID info.

-The software would authenticate the user and use 3-way calling in order to dial the desired number, then connect the two parties. Depending on the location, the outgoing call may be connected thru a calling card if it’s more economical.

-Call accounting is a must; the user is charged per-minute.

I’d like to set this up on a small scale at first for testing/development purposes. Would Asterisk be able to do this in conjunction with a TAPI-compliant modem? If anyone could provide some info on if it’s feasable and how I could set it up, I would greatly appreciate it. :smile: