Question about physically connecting IP phones to Asterisk

Hey everyone, sorry if this is a dumb question, I’ve got a long way with Asterisk, have a test server running with a account and all is working great.

I want to use physical phone lines though with the system so I know I need something like one of the PCI cards to get 4 FSO ports. I want to get Cisco IP phones but just need clarification on how they connect to the Asterisk server.

I kept thinking they’d probably use a special device to connect to the server, but would I just get a normal ethernet switch, plug them all into that and the server into that as well? I’ve been using softphones and SIP phones on my Android phone, and they just require the IP address, username etc. I know there’s more to configuring an IP phone but I’m guessing in the end it’s similar, just needs the servers IP address and so on. So just wanted more info on that, is that all I need? Just a switch or something more?


you just need to plug in your ip phone to your LAN and input the sip account parameters (asterisk ip, sip login and password, etc).