Cisco IP Phone cant connect with Asterisk. Need Help

My CP-7945 wont register i have tried everything can someone please help me by looking through my configuration file. if anything looks odd please let me know because i cannot get my proxy port to set inside the phone does anyone know anything About this! Please help Please Email me to connect. Unfortunately i cannot post files sorry.

My Email Is:

Any Help is very much appreciated.

Assuming that the phones are capable of being used n the way you want, you haven’t tried everything. You need to tell us what you’ve actually tried, and how it went wrong, including the contents of the register request and the associated responses and error messages.

Well Ive got it configured fine but now i am having trouble getting the caller ids to work im open to all ideas. i try to call out and it doesn’t tell me the caller id’s and the call history doesnt numbers

Skinny, SIP or PJ_SIP, would help, for a start, together with the relevant configuration.

Hmm Thanks for your reply. I have gotten a good config for my 8941 im just missing the other files do you have links to the required files by chance?