Asterisk & Cisco 7911 HELP FOR A NEWBIE!

Hi all,

I am very new to the whole asterisk thing. Currently we are running asterisk in conjunction with Free PBX 2.5. Everything is working fine, however I need some advice on how to configure a Cisco IP phone 7911 series on asterisk as a new extension. Currently all of our Cisco handsets are plugged into a Cisco POE switch which powers the phones.

In otherwords, how do I get the physical handset to boot up on its own and get an IP from Asterisk?

At the moment, I am staring at a dead screen…

I can confirm that the unit I am trying to configure is getting power as the light on the receiver flashes as well as the 2 main buttons on the actual handset.

I have tried to configure asterisk to see the new handset, but am seriously running out of ideas here. If anyone can advise me right from the beginning of pluggin the new handset into the ethernet cable to configuring the extension - it would be great.

I know that I am proberly asking a lot here, but the only thing I know about Asterisk and LInux is how to spell them.

Thanks a million.

By the way we run a SIP pabx as most of our handsets are the cheap USB ones which I have no problem configuring because they run through Windows.

Best regards…

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I am at my wits end with this thing…