Question about drop files and spool outgoing

hello there all,
if i have a script that writes drop files into /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing
asterisk picks up the file and initiates the call just fine.
however, what is supposed to happen if more than one gets dropped in there
within like a second. Will it wait till the first is complete to initiate the second ?
Do they dissapear ?


Asterisk will grab both files, and initiate their calls sequentially. If any of the calls do not complete successfully and you have in the .call file specified to Asterisk to reschedule the call, then it will alter the modify date of the file the current time plus the reschedule time specified in the .call file.

Asterisk will only grab .call files that have a modify date that is in the past.

The .call files do not disappear until the call has been completed successfully or has run out of retries.

Hope this helps.


YES, this helps
thank you very much