Question about Digium cards


Before I ask my question about the Digium cards, I would like to know if there is any way of having more than 1 concurrent call on a analog line, or any line that connects to PSTN, Is that possible? and what card of Digium card is needed to do that?

Thank You

Nope, not possible with analog lines. One call per line.

T1/E1 do this for you. Technically a T1 or E1 uses only one pair of copper lines and the hardware at both ends splits the line up into 24/30 different channels by time slicing the line.

If you need many calls on same number - one of the sollutions is to use VoIP numbers. In one of my projects we had up to 10 calls on same number.May be something like this is possible with T1/E1 - but I am not sure.