Analog and Digital cards

How do I compute maximum simultaneous connections if I have a TDM400 with 2 FXO and 2 FXS ports? Does that mean I can have 2 simultaneous lines?

In regards to digital cards, if I have a digium card that has one T1 port, the maximum connections is related to the cpu processor?

I am confused.

you are thinking of channels

if you have a tdm400 with 2fxo and 2fxs, then you can connect up to 2 phone lines and two analog extensions. If you have a single T1 port, that gets you 24 channels of whatever.

However the max number of concurrant channels is only limited by 1. limited destination channels for the calls to go to, or 2. what the machine can handle. IE, with the TDM card you could have two lines, and two analog phones, and 200 IP phones connecting to a VoIP trunk account for example.

put another way, asterisk can deal with all kinds of channels including VoIP, analog, and digital. Calls can be sent into or out of any one of them. The only limit is when you run out of channels to send the calls to.

make sense?

If you are in Europe an E1 can support a maximum of 30 channels.