Voicemail question

Hello all,

I have been playing around with asterisk for a couple of weeks now and am amazed by the power of it. I think it could be just what my company needs but I have a couple of questions first.

Our company is soon to split into two, with a new smaller satellite office being created with around 15 employees. While I’m not ready to set asterisk up as a full blown PBX (still much to learn on the telephony side), as an exercise to learn more and to introduce it to the management I’m thinking of setting up asterisk as a voicemail only server.

I know the satellite office already has a very old SDX 60N PBX so I’m thinking buy a TDM04B card/bundle from digium and configure 4 analogue ports for handling voicemails.

First question is would the above work? Second question (providing the above would work) how can I tell asterisk who the voicemail is for?? I suppose I’d need to send the extension number, but is this possible on such an old PBX?