Querry Queue Strategys

Hi everyone,

we are using Asterisk 13.18.3 with about 700 SIP Phones, RTA, an external DB …

For a long time we were using queues with different ringstrategys, but now we are stepping back to Dialqueues. The reason is to check if any user of that dialed queue got a forward to a mobile phone (lots of home office users during the pandamic). If he got a forward i add the mobile number to the dialqueue, elsewhise i add his SIP number. This is working fine for ringall.

For other strategys (roundrobin, random, rrmemory, etc) it doesnt work becouse i dont know which user should be next in queue to be dialed.

Is there a way to querry the “next” user in a dialqueue and update the value after the call?

Thanks for any answer in advance :slight_smile:

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