Putting multiple #s on asterisk


From what I know in order to put real # on my asterisk box I have to connect it to my home phone system thou a Sipura adapter, but that would be too costly for me. Is there a website were I can purchase DIDs then add them to the asterisk box? If so witch .conf file has to be edited, and can you recommend a website were I can buy Canadian DIDs from?

Thank You

yes there are many, many voip service providers. search voip-info.org and there is a list of them several pages long sorted by country.

I found a service called http://www.vbuzzer.com/calling_plans.php they say they would give me a number with Unlimited incoming calls to it. But I have never put a # on Asterisk before, so I don’t know how it would work, Do I have to give vbuzzer my Asterisk IP address? The reason that I’m asking is because I don’t know if vbuzzer would work with Asterisk. Can you please tell me if vbuzzer would work?

Thank You

how or if they work with * depends on the provider. generally you use a registration, that is you give * your user/pass/server/etc to the service and asterisk ‘registers’ itself as where your calls should go. www.voip-info.org has much info on getting * to work with providers