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Hi, I am new to asterisk. I know how to install it on Ubuntu system or server and I use Grandstream GXP 1620 and also have X-lite in my pc, I am from India I wanted my USA clients to call on my asterisk number (set up for Inbound calls), can I put any number with +1-XXX-XXX-XXXX in the configuration to get inbound and outbound calls. some one told me about DID number but I did not get it, is it possible to put any number or my Indian cell phone number for inbound calls. I am very confused with it.

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Although SIP can be used without any supporting infrastructure beyond an IP network, addressing it will be via the IP address, not a phone number. That means you cannot access it a normal phone, and the vast majority of VoIP users will not configure their systems to permit direct access.

I’m assuming you are talking about SIP. To get the translation from a phone number to an IP address, you need an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), and to get a USA phone number, they must have a connection to the conventional telephony network in the USA, or buy services from someone who does.

Setting the number on outbound calls is easier, because the conventional network is capable of signalling caller IDs that don’t reflect the country of origin, although good service providers will not allow you to do this unless you have proved that you control the number.

DID refers to the connection point to the conventional network. It’s a corruption of the term Direct In Dialing, which really applies to the case where a block of numbers is allocated to a PABX.

Asterisk also supports direct connection to ISDN networks, but you need to make the connection in the country to which the number belongs.

I assume your intent is to avoid customers paying international phone charges, as they will work out that the service isn’t being provided from the USA when they hear the agents talking.

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yes, I want my clients to call me on a specific US number and call lends to my asterisk configured grandstream phone, from where i can get that number or can I put any number of my choice by just putting +1 in config file before it.

You must rent the number from someone with a physical presence in the USA. What you put in the configuration file will depend on what that supplier specifies; it might not include the country code, at all.

As noted before, the supplier may not have their own physical presence in the USA, but rather buy from someone else that does.

Your problem is almost entirely commercial, not technical.

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Is that okay if I put my Indian cell phone number or my skype number (which is US number) in the configuration? Will this people call me from US without paying international charges?

No. You’re missing the point. There is no free lunch here unless you do a pure SIP to SIP call which most of your potential callers will not be able/inclined to do. If your callers are using the ‘global telephone network’ to call your number, you have to have some way to get that call off that network and onto your network That’s what a SIP provider does and they charge for that service. Entering numbers into your Asterisk configuration doesn’t ‘tell’ anybody else to do anything.

For example, I rent DIDs from Vitelity. Not that I’m recommending them, but my needs are simple and I don’t have any incentive to shop around.

I pay US$1.50 per month per DID and US$0.011 per minute. There are lots of providers to choose from. Compare rates – you may find a provider that bills in your ‘native’ currency to be cheaper. In any case, sign up and test to make sure you get the level of service you expect.

On Vitelity’s web page, I configure the DIDs to route calls to my public IP address.

My Asterisk instance (and firewall) is configured to accept calls from Vitelity. My dialplan routes the calls based on the DID.

You could port your cell number to a SIP provider but then you will lose the number on your cell.

If all you want is for a call to ring your Grandstream, you may be able to configure it to receive calls directly without any Asterisk at all. If you want VM and other features, you will need Asterisk.

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Yes, It does not matter if I lose my alternate cell number, I have one extra number. could I put that cellular number in it or how to port my alternate cell number with sip number.

You will have to pay the SIP provider to port the number to their network. Here, it’s about US$20. You will still be paying the SIP provider to rent the DID and the airtime. This will also require the cooperation of your cell service to release the number. This:

  1. May not be possible if your cell service does not allow it.

  2. May take much longer than you expect.

  3. May incur some fees with your cell service.

Before porting the number, I’d rent a DID for a month or 2 to make sure you get reliable and quality service from the SIP provider. Otherwise, you’ll be paying another fee to port the number to another provider.

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Hmm, I understand now.
Long story short means, I have to purchase a USA DID number from a sip provider and have to put in config file to get inbound calls from my US clients, and if I just want to call my clients (outbound from India to US, AUS or Canada) I have to put any random number in asterisk config file, Is this correct ?

Getting closer :slight_smile:

A lot of people say ‘purchase’ or ‘buy’ but you are renting it. What happens if you don’t pay for a couple of months? Same with domain names, but I’m just a ‘pedantic’ kind of guy.

Just like you have to pay a service to get calls into your box, you have to pay a service to get calls out.

Each SIP provider may charge different rates depending on where the call terminates. Rates vary by geographic area, type of service, and in the case of mobiles, the provider of the mobile service – which seems really weird to us in the US.

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okay, do you provide DID numbers, if yes how much the charges to rent it.

Nope. But Google should get you a boatload of candidates.

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Thank you for solution!!

Just another note…

You don’t have to use the same provider for inbound and outbound. You may find it economical to have several outbound providers to ‘cherry-pick’ the one with the best rate based on destination and route calls to that provider in your dialplan.

It is best to use the same provider both inbound and outbound. You will need one for both directions, but it may be difficult to get them to accept a caller ID for a number they don’t rent to you for outbound calls.

If you have a skype-in number, Skype do have a Skype Connect service for interfacing with SIP PABXes. Asterisk is not on the officially supported list, but I’ve heard that it works. I couldn’t quickly establish how to you specify the account on your SIP client, but I suspect it doesn’t use the phone number as the account identifier.

The fact that Skype are not the dominant ITSP makes me think that there are disadvantages to their service.

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