Custom park or hold

I’m inquiring if there is a way to be able to park or put a call on hold from one phone to another.
The scenario is I have a receptionist who gets multiple calls in and is constantly parking them into the parking lot and announcing to the rest of the office who has a call parked and where it is parked. If someone does not hear the initial announcement and ask the receptionist where their call was parked the receptionist, some of the time, does not remember where due to the volume of phone calls they have already answered and parked for other employees. If there is a way or work around where the receptionist can “park” the call at the employees desk phone then this would eliminate the need to remember exactly which park number the call is parked at. I realize this might limit them to only being able to “park” a call at a time to the specified extension but I believe this solution will be better for the receptionist.
Thanks in advance for your help.

A channel variable can be set to direct Asterisk to park on a specific extension number (although that needs to be one that it not being used for other purposes).