Purchasing phones and equipment for first install

I’m not new to administrating phones but I am slightly confused about something when it comes to asterisk. Here’s some background info. to start. I’m setting up an office that will have 12 POTS lines. 10 of the lines are going to be in a hunt and the other 2 and going to be in a separate hunt. I was thinking about the setup and this is my confusion. I could set it up with 3 of the TDM400P cards which would give me 12 FXO ports to accept the incoming lines from the phone company. Then I imagine that I could connect the asterisk server to a network switch and then just connect IP phones to the switch, is this correct?

Is PRI an option?

Yes, I could probably decide to go with PRI instead, in which case I would purchase a Wildcard TE110P right? And then just connect the PRI to that card and the network card in the asterisk server to a switch and the IP phones to the switch to utilize the lines in the PRI… is that correct? Also… are you asking if a PRI is an option because POTS and IP phones are impossible… or some other reason?


Yes you can use a TE110P to connect a PRI to and yes you would connect your NIC to your switch along with your IP phones. You could use 12 POTS lines but around the 10-12 POTS line mark, A PRI is the same price or cheaper. That is probably why it was suggested.

Thanks much for the reply. I’ll be ordering my equipment right away. :smile: