PSTN,asterisk and PABX

I must install an asterisk server in my company. The server must be connected to the PSTN, the private automatic Branch exchange and the net. I just want to know how can I do that plugging ?

thank you.

to give you a real answer, i need more detail. Mainly, what kind of PBX you have now that you need to connect to and what kind of PSTN lines you have.

Some general stuff-
I’m assuming you have either POTS (analog) lines or some form of PRI (T1/E1/etc). If so then you will want a Digium card to connect. If you have a few POTS lines try a TDM400 card with FXO (red) modules, if you have alot try the tdm2400 series (larger, bigger capacity, more expensive).
If you have a PRI you’ll want the Digium TE series, whichever one is appropriate for how many PRIs you have.

There’s a few ways to plug into your PBX. If you have a newer PBX, it may support VoIP so you can link it to asteirsk over that. That however is far less likely. Chances are you have either analog ports or PRI ports.

PRI is best if you can do it, you’ll need at least one PRI port on the asterisk server (digium TE card) and one on the PBX. If the PBX only has one, then you can configure asterisk to act like your telco and avoid having to reconfigure the PBX.

Otherwise you’ll need a Digium TDM card with some FXS (green) ports, plug them into spare CO (line) ports on the PBX and configure the pbx to use them however. … cts_id/165

here is a great product if you are on a tight budget.

You also need a copy of the book: … +Telephony

sorry If I wasn’t clear enough, I’m a new user of asterisk.
Here is a pic of what I’ve been asked to do.

(ADSL router)=====>server===>PABX (generis)====>analog phones
*********************|| *******************
PSTN ==========>T1/E1

We still have old analog phones in our offices. And the the traditionnal Branch exchange was directly linked to the PSTN by a T1 line.So I just want to switch all international and mobile calls to internet (using our sip account) and the others ones must be led to the PSTN.

Thank you very much for your help and have a nice day. :smiley: