PSTN Lines - FXO Gateway?

Hi all,

My asterisk instance lives within a vmware virtualise environment, but I need to make use of PSTN lines for backup.

For this it has been suggested to me that an FXO gateway would work.

Can anybody confirm this? Presumably the gateway device would terminate the PSTN lines and from asterisk I can interface this as a SIP trunk ?

Any suggestions on products, or maybe other ways to do this?



Yes you are correct. VoIP-analog gateway would solve your problem. You connect your PSTN line to the gateway and make a SIP Trunk between the gateway and Asterisk. The gateway takes care of PSTN - VoIP conversion.

I am having excellent experiences with Patton SmartNode gateways.

obihai is much cheaper and getting excellent reviews

btw: this thread should be in support, not general

Thanks for the suggestions - I’ll take a look at those.

@Thor - I considered support, but since it seems to concern support with asterisk, rather than general advice about interacting products, I felt general was more appropriate.