Asterisk and PSTN

I have installed an Asterisk server and tested it succefully to work with two users using softphones.
Now i want to make calls outside? with a little search over internet, i find those solutions:
-to have an account with a sip operator

  • connect to the PSTN
    i opted to use the second solution, so here is my question: is installing an FXO interface on the server the only solution? is it possible to use a “gateway” to connect my server to the PSTN? if yes does an ATA do the job?

This is a support question!

A gateway is effectively what a SIP provider provides, although on their site.

An ATA is a gateway in the wrong direction, but there are ones that will take the FXO role.

Of course, Asterisk with an FXO card is a gateway!

thanks for your reply! and truly sorry for posting in the wrong place!

I have the same ob with you but i am using a Greandastream Gateway GXW-4008. I would like to create a trunk for out going local calls. (example 34561728). I have a Gsm phone AVVio GD850T connect in FXs port . I am killing my self to route out the call but when I place a call, I see the line in the Gsm phone in use but it does ring in the destination
Please can someone help me resolving this.

GSM phones connect over air interfaces, not FXS copper connections, so I don’t understand your reference to GSM over FXS.

Grandstream are probably the best people to ask about configuring their gateways.

As already noted, this is the wrong forum for support questions.