PSTN Line Doesn't Hang up during Divert

Good day to all!

I’ve set up my asterisk to support a call divert when the user extension is not answered for sometime. I have a SPA3102 set up for the user connected to his PSTN line and then I have a GXW4108 set up for lines to be used during divert. What happens is when there is an incoming call in the users PSTN line and he doesn’t answer it, it diverts perfectly to the mobile of the user, problem is, it doesn’t hang up when the caller hangs up during the divert.

I need help of which settings I missed. I tried using the disconnect tone but I’m not successful. I tried the settings for the disconnect tone of my country but it doesn’t do any good. I also tried to use PSTN long silence but the problem is, it hangs up if the caller is in a conference and everybody is analyzing things.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I had a similar issue and it looked like a NAT settings problem.

Hi Jack thanks for the reply. Do you mean turning off the NAT for both the devices?

No I mean configuring NAT properly, yes this could mean turning it off, depends on your network settings. I had to use something like this

externip=XX.XX.XX.XX ; global ip
register =>

Hi Jack,

I actually have the same settings as you do. I’m experiencing something like the disconnect tone is not being detected. I tried other solutions from other forums but it doesn’t solve the problem. Any advice?

Thanks in advance.