Hangup problem

I just managed to install and configure my first asterisk server.
I don’t have any internal phone (fxs or sip) I just use the system for
pstn to pstn forwarding.

asterisk can not understand if the other party does not answer the call or it’s busy besides after getting disconnected from the pstn, asterisk does not hangup the line. Everything else work just perfectly.

I appreciate any help.

i assume this is all pots analog lines-

first make sure your line type is set to kewlstart. then make sure hangup on polarity reversal is set to yes. Also turn on busydetect.
If that does not work call your telco and make sure you have disconnect supervision enabled.

Asterisk won’t easily detect connection unless you have connect supervision, which most lines don’t. you’d have to turn on answeronpolarityreversal as i recall.

Thank you, I turned busydetect on and at leat it hangups the line when there is no answer or its busy but
hanguponpolarity or answeronpolarity makes asterisk hangup the line after two rings!
I am wondering why it doesnt detect no answer after 10 seconds when I have specified the time like this:
exten => 123,1,Dial(Zap/g1/5501212,10)

will this problem be fixed if I use E1 lines?


you need to know what answer and disconnect supervision is being used by the telco(s) in use. you can play with the settings all day, but having that info makes life a lot easier.

your dial timeout is quite short too … 10 seconds ? with answer supervision that doesn’t give the callee a lot of time to answer.