Unable Hangup PSTN line

I had setup an asterisk server at Malaysia with TDM410P (2 fxo and 2 fxs). Everything is working fine except asterisk failed to hangup inbound call from PSTN.
I had tried few scenario:

  1. Asterisk called PSTN, Asterisk hanged up, PSTN hangup successfully.
  2. PSTN called to Asterisk, PSTN hanged up, asterisk no hangup, however, due to busydetect=yes and busycount=5, asterisk able to hangup later.
  3. PSTN called Asterisk, PSTN hanged up before call pick up, Asterisk keep ringing.
  4. PSTN called Asterisk, Asterisk hangup, PSTN still connected. Others cannot call due to line still busy.

I already out idea, can anyone please help!

What form of disconnect supervision does your telephony provide provide on the type of lines that you are renting?

What type of line card are you using?

What forms of disconnect supervision does it support? Is one compatible?

Does the card disconnect supervision mechanism match that of the line?

Are you using a domestic line type (business ones are more likely to provide disconnect supervision)?

On point 4, this is normal behaviour for domestic type exchange lines and calls originating for land lines. Only the calling party can clear a call. A hangup by the called party is interpreted as an intent to pick up the call on a more appropriate phone. Normally there is a timeout, typically around 2 minutes, after which the network will clear the call anyway. It is possible that business lines intended for PABX may be available with either party clearing.

Thank, I will check on the type of PSTN line later.

However, when I directly connect the PSTN line to a conventional phone and I do the same testing. when I hangup using conventional phone (called party), the line disconnected correctly without problem.

Besides that, I found that when asterisk received a call and ringing, even I unplug the line, asterisk unable to detect line dropped and ring until called party pickup the call.

What you mean line card and how to set the disconnect supervision mechanism?
I am using digium TDM410P and I am new to this.

  1. people tend to test this using a mobile phone. Mobile phone networks tend to implement either party clearing.

  2. the most common form of disconnect supervision is that the two wires from the exchange are swapped over when the call clears (polarity reversal).