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Hi All!

Just want to confirm something about the followme logic in Asterisk. I set up one PSTN line at the moment which is diverting any inbound calls to an extension. What I would like to do is when the extension is not answering I would like to call a cellphone number. Is there a way to do it since the PSTN line is used? Would I need a second line?

Thanks in advance!

You would need a second line, unless the transfer application works in this context.

Hi David,

Thank you for you reply. What is the transfer application? Sorry I’m a bit new to asterisk.

core show application transfer

I very much doubt that it will be useful in your case, as I doubt that has any knowledge of how to do transfers on POTS lines. Even for SIP, it is rather flawed as currently implemented.

POTS = plain old telephone service, i.e. and FXO interface.

Hi David,

Thanks for you reply. I know have a working call transfer in case the extension is not available. My problem now is, the call doesn’t hang up during transfer.

I tried troubleshooting the problem. When a call do a transfer, it uses my GWX4108 line2 to route the call out to a mobile. The one that’s being called is using an SPA3102. It’s PSTN line to PSTN line calle scenario. What happens now is that the grandstream is bridging the call. When I the caller drops the call when it’s transferred to the mobile, the line is not dropped.

I’ve been trying out to configure the disconnect tones but I’m still unsuccessful. The PSTN line is a company trunk line. Are there settings that I missed? Thanks in advance.