Pstn dos not answer

Hello all,
I have come back to setup my Asterisk one more time.
I have two fxo and two fxs.
I was able to get the asterisk gui started and was able to get the local phones to ring each other.
also I was able to dial out from each phone directly to pstn.

the problem that I’m having that I can not receive calls from outside on pstn trunk and I can see the call coming on the CLI but no phone rings. I tried every thing I can. Another problem, there is no voice prompting at all… not sure what is going on here so I need your help please.

FYI: When I go to advance option… I see the call is coming on pstn and I can get the local phone to ring/answer by clicking on transfer in the GUI to the local phone.

What config file that I’m supposed to edit and what command that I’m suppose to configure to get this working.
how to get the voice prompting loaded/ installed?
my Asterisk version is 1.6 and I’m using Asterisknow from Asterisk
thanks lots.

You need to ask this on a forum for the specific GUI that you are using.

Generally you do not modify conf files for simple cases with GUIs.

Hi David,
Thanks for the direction.

I will re-post to asterisk gui.

while, I’m doing this … if you are (I hope you do) aware of which file manually that I can configure to setup the calls coming from pstn to ring locally and the commands associated that would be truly appreciated.


The PSTN technology file (chan_dahdi.conf, sip.conf, etc.)


Creating an IVR from first principles is not difficult but is also not trivial enough to detail here.

The GUI will expect these files to be dedicated to the GUI, and will #include other files to allow for custom modification. Even then, proper modification of those requires knowledge of how the GUI handles calls. Asterisk GUIs generally define extensive dialplan subroutines, and expect dialplans to use these in very specific ways.


I know the configuration files are (chan_dahdi.conf, sip.conf, etc.)
You did not say which of this is the one to configure and what commands that I need to add?

My question again is: what command that I need to insert in wich file to get a call comming from my cellphone to my home line directed to one of two local extension.


You did not provide enough information to exclude any of those files. You will definitely need to work on extensions.conf (or the AEL equivalent).

In my view, there is more work required to provide the information you asked than I’m prepared to give as free consultancy.

The channel driver configuration file, should be set to recognise the incoming channel, and deliver it to a context. That context, in extensions.conf, should playback appropriate prompt files and then use Waitextension, or read, to get the digits, and Dial to initial the outgoing leg.

Asterisk works at a lower level than you describe, so you have to write short programs, in the dialplan language, to achieve what you want. It is not a question of plugging values into existing tables.

There are examples of the basic concepts, including menus, in extensions.conf.sample, which is included in the source distributions.

Thanks for pointing me to the file.

I am still looking for the commands that will get my local phone to ring/answer in-coming calls.

Any help is appreciated!!