Diverting call on pstn

we are planning on a asterisks solution for our office so if anybody can help please over the following issue

Will the asterisks solution be able to divert calls to different pstn numbers if we have a pstn card installed like what i want to know is
if we are receiving a call on sip and there is no operator in office to receive it over ip phone is there the module in asterisks to dial an external number through the pstn card and divert the sip call over to that.

plzz help

if your going to use FXO card its ok to do that what u want
this is as simple as place incoming call into Asterisk for ur borad number.
whenever any incoming call hit on ur receptions & no one avialbe at theer then do th dail plan as foloows

  1. ring rhat extension for say 20 sec.
  2. dial out from any mobile number from same FXO peer
    all this iam talking about Sip channel related

dial plan

exten => 2110442557,1,Background(welcome)
exten => 2110442557,2,wait(4)
exten => 2110442557,3,Dial(SIP/9000,20,tTw)
exten => 2110442557,4,Dial(SIP/2012244528@FXo,20,T)
exten => 2110442557,5 Congestion

as per above dial plan when external user dail ur borad numberafter 4 sec call goes to extension 9000 which is ur reception extension , if no body there phone ring for 20 sec. the dail out for any dedicated cell numberon pryority 5. where FXo is ur Sip peer in sip.conf from wheer ur incoming & outgoing calls flow.for FXO u can use Audio code FXo box.
this is mu suggestion to you how u can do that so try.