Provisioning a spa504G walkthrough

I know this is asking a little much, but I really need help.

The school I working at is still running Trixbox, and use a variety of Cisco phones. We have provisioned them all provisioned them all so it’s all done automatically. But now we have a bunch of SPA504g phones and I am having a hard time getting it to provision. We have other SPA phones but they are all SPA942 models. Trying to us the same configuration files for the 504g models for the 942 models isn’t working. What I would really like is some sample spa.cfg and spa502g.cfg files so I can modify them to suit my own needs. I don’t need alot of fancy things I just need one extension and the rest of the buttons disabled. I do have one special need. Option 66 on my DHCP server is being used for something else so I need to be able to manually put in the location of our trixbox server.