Need Hlep on ip phone CISCO spa525g2 configuration


I Need Hlep on ip phone CISCO spa525g2 configuration.
I also have CISCO 7960 phones and i configured them properly with TFTP server, when it comes to spa525g2 i have issue. I dont know what files i have to add in tftpboot directory related to spa525g2 phones.


i’m not sure what it is about spa525g2, but recently i have configured spa502 and spa504 and maybe this helps:

  1. when unprovisioned phone boots for the first time, it looks fo file <model.cfg>. in your case this could be spa525.cfg. its contents must be:


you have to put your tftp server address instead of x.x.x.x.

  1. phone reads this config and looks for “xml” directory in tftp directory. and there must be his own config, named as spa<mac_address>.xml

Thanks for the reply.
What I should put in spa<mac_address>.xml file, can I add some thing like below?

#The following lines contain the authenication details
line1_name: 1022
line1_authname: 1022
line1_displayname: "Ext 1022"
line1_password: “xxxxxx”

line2_name: 1022
line2_authname: 1022
line2_displayname: "Ext 1022"
line2_password: “xxxxxx”


i didn’t see spa525 configuration file. i know it differs from spa502/spa504.
you can download utility from cisco website, that gives you a configuration file.

I have tried cisco SPA502G and Cisco 7942G. They are different . For SPAxx series, you can just use webGUI console for easy config. 79xx needs TFTP as a must.

Nay Myo