Provisioning in Asterisk

Okay, so I have multiple Cisco SPA504G phones and a PolyCom SoundStation phone. They both are successfully using DHCP option 66 to connect to a TFTP server and they are attempting to collect files.

I am now looking to have these files automatically created by asterisk, based on users.conf I believe. I have found page that is a good shot at how to do it, but as my phones by default use TFTP (UDP port 69) and this uses HTTP (TCP port 8088) I don’t think they’re compatible. Is this correct?

I could set up a TFTP download that would point them to the HTTP server for their next call I suppose, but I can’t find ANY information about how to manually provision these Cisco phones (config file format, etc.)

Any guidance would be appreciated on the best way to achieve proper provisioning and firmware updates directly from Asterisk. By the way, I’m using basic Asterisk, no GUI.