Register Cisco SPA5040G wiht Asterisk


I try to register a Cisco SPA504G but I can not, I get this on the SPA website:

Ext 1 Status Registration State: FailedNo Response Last Registration At: 0/0/0 00:00:00 Next Registration In: 18 s Message Waiting: No Mapped SIP Port:

This is my sip.conf:

[8000] context=internos type=friend secret=8000 qualify=200 ; Qualify peer is no more than 200ms away nat=no ; This phone may be natted ; Send SIP and RTP to the IP address that packet is ; received from instead of trusting SIP headers host=dynamic ; This device registers with us directmedia=no ; Asterisk by default tries to redirect the ; RTP media stream (audio) to go directly from ; the caller to the callee. Some devices do not ; support this (especially if one of them is ; behind a NAT). ;defaultip= ; IP address to use until registration ;defaultuser=goran ; Username to use when calling this device before registration ; Normally you do NOT need to set this parameter ;setvar=CUSTID=5678 ; Channel variable to be set for all calls from or to this device ;setvar=ATTENDED_TRANSFER_COMPLETE_SOUND=beep ; This channel variable will ; cause the given audio file to ; be played upon completion of ; an attended transfer.

What could it be?

Best regards

Any answer would be a wild guess without at least verbose console output and probably sip debug output.