Problems with receiving calls (Asterisk + Sangoma Cards)

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we are experiencing some problems in receiving calls, mostly by fixed-line numbers of certain districts (mobile phone numbers are working like a charm). We already informed our telco about this issue because we thought it’s the matter of routing or something. The result is: It is a problem of configuration on our telephone system (Asterisk + Sangoma Cards A200/A500), the technician noticed. He explained us the statement of the problem in the following way:

If you dial the number from the fixed-line with the # at the end the call goes through and if you dial the number withouth the # at the end the call is going to be rejected and nothing happens on the telephone system (no logs in the verbose mode). The technician told us to deactivate an option called: “wait for dialend”. Is there any option like that we can change on our system? We also contacted the Sangoma Support and the answer was:

“As far as I can see, your sangoma card is working properly, all the issues you report are related to Asterisk itself as a telephone system, it is that controls all telephony options.” and another one:

“Going through the info you attached, it is clear your system contains many sangoma ports working properly (two cards, Sangoma Card Count: A200=1 A500=1). That is the reason why I say it is necessary to find the solution in asterisk / DAHDI, sangoma cards provide physical and link layer, telephony features should be configured in asterisk.”

If you need some more informations or logs just tell it :wink:

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As Sangoma built and sold you those cards, maybe they want to participate in finding a solution to the problem that you’re experiencing.