Asterisk rejecting most of Incoming calls

Hi All,

I have asterisk along with Sangoma cards and running and Inbound call center on it, the Telco says that he is sending 30000 calls on the PRI’s terminating on my sangoma cards but in my reports i can find only 19000.

I had started a trace on the PRI and foun that many calls give the follwing message

< Informational frame:
< SAPI: 00 C/R: 1 EA: 0
< TEI: 000 EA: 1
< N(S): 125 0: 0
< N®: 008 P: 0
< 9 bytes of data
< Protocol Discriminator: Q.931 (8) len=9
< TEI=0 Call Ref: len= 2 (reference 62/0x3E) (Sent from originator)
< Message Type: DISCONNECT (69)
< [08 02 80 9f]
< Cause (len= 4) [ Ext: 1 Coding: CCITT (ITU) standard (0) Spare: 0 Location: User (0)
< Ext: 1 Cause: Normal, unspecified (31), class = Normal Event (1) ]
Received message for call 0x8db6aa8 on 0x86c5348 TEI/SAPI 0/0, call->pri is 0x86c5348 TEI/SAPI 0/0
– Processing IE 8 (cs0, Cause)
– Found active call: 0x8db6aa8 cref:62
q931.c:7205 post_handle_q931_message: Call 62 enters state 12 (Disconnect Indication). Hold state: Idle
– ACKing all packets from 8 to (but not including) 8
– T200 requested to stop when not started
T203 requested to start without stopping first
– Starting T203 timer
Sending Receiver Ready (126)
TEI: 0 State 7
V(S) 8 V(A) 8 V® 126
K 7, RC 1, l3initiated 0, reject_except 0 ack_pend 0
T200 0, N200 3, T203 1

Can anybody help, Thanks in advance

I’m not actually a circuit switch user, and it is a couple of decades since I worked with SS7, but this looks like a normal clear initiated by the remote end.

Thanks for the reply david, is there a way in asterisk where we can create a log for all numbers landing on the system

The logging you already have will include that, in that it will show any DID digits provided and any CLID provided.

Using CDRs with unanswered call logging enabled may provide more compact information, however I’m not sure if it logs DID numbers that fail to find a dial plan entry, and it is possible that calls may be aborted too early. You will get some double counting.

Verbose logging should provide all DID numbers presented, either by showing the first dialplan steps, or by showing the “not found in context” message.

The telco send me a log for a number they are saying that asterisk rejected, do you have any idea, below is the log


05/31 18:59:22,587

6:59:22 PM


1:B (Rx):16







Normal, unspecified

6:59:22 PM,587,692


Tuesday, May 31, 2011





There are no headings on that output. However it looks like a normal clear, so without seeing the incoming message and the verbose console log from the time in question, there is nothing that can really be said.

Thanks for the advice david, but is it possible for Asterisk to reject such high number of calls, if yes what is the possibility of asterisk not being configured properly