Problems whit multiparking and parkinglots


We have a problem with multiparking and parkinglots, I’ll try to explain because my English is not very good.

We work in a multi-company environment and we want every one of these companies has its own parkinglot.

The main problem is that we can’t re-park the calls.

I will try to explain with an example.

Take for example the extensions 2111 and 2222 belonging to one company.

In sip.conf for this company we put in his mask
parkinglot = parkinglot_chemtrol
and in the context to which we belong to all extensions
include => parking_chemtrol

So far so good, but doing some tests

  • 2111 calls extension 2222
  • extension 2222 answers
  • extension 2222 parks the call with #56
  • The call is parked at position 201
  • 2222 extension marks 201
  • extension 2222 retrieves the call and connect with 2111 extension

this is the performance we want and does, what is wrong is from now

If extension 2222 tries to REpark the call again, only hear DTMF sounds of either pressing # 56

Also, if the call is recovered, if 2111 extension try to park pressing #56,it parks, but at position 561 of “parkinglot” general, which can not be recovered.

In conclusion no longer possible to re-park a call. And if is the caller who tries to re-park, park the call in parkinglot for general context, not in their parkinglot.

Another thing is when a parked call ringback to extension that parkred previously , now you can park again, I will explain:

The extension 2111 calls to 2222
The extension 2222 answers
Extension 2222 parks the call with #56
The call is parked at position 201
Pass the timeout and the call of 2111 returns to 2222
The extension 2222 answers
2222 re-parks the call with # 56
Now you can pick the call parked at position 201
Do not know if it’s a configuration error or a BUG of Asterisk, we have tested thousand configuration changes and the result is always the same.

I do not know if I explained correctly.

It’s an issue where we need your help.

If you need a better explanation, tell me. We’re pretty desperate with this issue.

Thank you very much and best regards.

Sorry my English

I put the pieces of the configuration files.

Follow this issue here: