Problems Supporting Existing System


We have an existing Trixbox CE / Asterisk system that I am trying to fix/upgrade. I have purchased a couple of books and read them. I have been successful in getting our Voip phones configured and modifying the IVR menu for inward calls. I have a lot of computer experience, but very limited PBX experience.

I am having problems trying to get a fax going for our installation.

First problem, is that I am not able to upgrade the modules, and the fax solutions I have found require a certain revision level for the software. When I get to the page where I can upgrade the modules, I am not successful in inputting a user ID and password. I have tried several different approaches and have multiple accounts on Trixbox and Asterisk. All I see is the page telling me I have to log in.

Is there a trick to gettting logged in? Which flavor of user ID and password should I be using?

Second problem, we purchased the Grandstream ATA HT-503.  After a fair bit of horsing around, I was able to set the IP address (static) and get the ATA pointed to our Asterisk system.  However, after entering the MAC address, and the extension I am unable to get the device recognized.  The device manager has entries for Granstream phones, but not my specific device, and does not find the device when I do the generic search.  Actually, the generic search of does not consistently find the Polycom VoiP phones that we do have.  Is there a trick to getting this device recognized?  

Any help would be appreciated.

Harry Harlow