Help urgently needed

I’m setting up trixbox to manage a new system in Australia for a new business starting up.
It’s all VOIP-based so there is no special hardware although I do have a Grandstream ReadyTone486 with a normal PSTN phone.

The way i want to have it setup is thus:
someone calls our freenumber, ie 1800123123 and that is diverted to one of 4 voip lines owned by an australian provider, engin. engin have told me that is possible so no worries about that.

next up they hear a message saying something along the lines of “Welcome to 1800123123, all our operators are currently busy but please hold and we will be with you as soon as possible”, then hold music. Meanwhile asterisk is searching for someone avaliable in this order: HT486 (setup and working on extension 101) if no answer then --> calls <mobile phone 1> (don’t know how to do this) then calls <mobile phone 2> then <mobile phone 3>. If none of the above phones are answered then a message is played: "Unfortunately all of our operators are currently busy. Please enter your number on the touchtone pad of your phone and we will call you back within 15 minutes"
Then they dial that number in and it is emailed to a single email address.

How do i set all this up? Its causing me quite a lot of grief at the moment, let me tell you!


Have a look at

If this looks like an option you’d be interested in then let me know.

No strings or catches, if we can help you out then all we’d like (not expect) is a reference we could use on the website.



This is very possible. You will need useful VoIP service, ie straight to the server and not through an ATA.

(extensions.conf pseudocode)

Background(welcomemsg) ; caller is greeted and instructed that it may take up to one minute
dial(SIP/ht486,10,m) ; dials the ht486 for 10sec playing MOH to caller
dial(SIP/ht486&SIP/provider/mobile#1,15,m) ; dials HT486 and mobile# 1 for 15sec
read(theircallbacknum,instructions,3,10) ; plays ‘instructions’ and lets them enter ther tel#. They have 3 tries with 10sec digit timeout. Stores what they enter as ${theircallbacknum}
exten => h,1,GotoIf( ${theircallbacknum} > 1, goto 2, else goto 3)
exten => h,2,System(/usr/sbin/sendmail -arguments to send message -address to send msg to -text of message including ${theircallbacknum})

the result is everything that you ask for. exten ‘h’ is used for sendmail because it will run right after they hang up; this is good in case they hang up. When they hang up, it first checks if theircallbacknum exists, if it doesnt it goes to h,3 which doesnt exist (dropping it). If it does, ti goes to h,2 which sends the msg.

Hope that helps!