Just a typical, normal support request

Hi everyone, I need help! I’m trying to run trixbox with realtime patches on an emachines server I found in the storage closet. I’ve got 40 users with a mixture of grandstream phones and x-lite (unregistered). I’m using four clone x100p cards I bought off ebay. We have satellite internet, but that shouldn’t be a problem because I compiled a pirated version of the g729 codec.

I need help geting fax over sip working. I have two layers of nat but I’m sure that’s not it. Some guy on the forums told me I should run trunk from svn and I love all the changes, but I’m still having problems. Please answer quickly because all our phones are down and my boss is getting pissed. Thanks! Oh, and you have to tell me how to fix it in the gui because I’m a Windows guy and I don’t know how to use the linux bash.

[size=67]seriously, though. thanks for asterisk… it rocks[/size]

First of all, you compiled a pirated version of the codec, why?? You have a company that provides you with the tools YOU or YOUR company need and you take them illegally! Is the license so expensive that you cannot afford to pay for it? If everyone pirates this software the company that provides it will not be able to produce the codecs anymore and then we are screwed!

Second, fax over sip is not reliable period. All the work you are putting into making this work you will get get maybe a page or two and even then it will not be reliable. Your best bet is to get a pots line, or some sort of efax service.

I’m not sure that any codec will make SIP work well over satellite even for voice - the issues I believe are with latency and jitter - not bandwidth

Well you get what you pay for.

well thanks for that but users like you using as you accept pirate software put the whole thing in jeopardy. You even by cheap clones instead of a decent card.

Then finally you expect other usrs to help you. Using pirate windows software may be accepted but its not here.

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