Problems Getting SPA-3000 To Work With Asterisk

After watching Systm episode 6 on Asterisk, I decided to try Asterisk. I’m a real newbie to Asterisk, but I recently bought a Sipura SPA-3000 and set up an Asterisk server on my Linksys NSLU2. I did exactly what the episode said to do to configure Asterisk, but it kinda left out parts of configuring the Sipura 3000. Now I’m stuck. I’m not even past the first step yet.

To begin, I just wanted to dial a number and then send a ringing tone or playback a file. When I first started, all I could get was a busy signal as soon as I turned the phone on. I finally figured out to cut off registration and then got a dial tone, but when after I dial a number, then I get a busy signal. I’ve configured correctly (to my knowledge), but this isn’t helping. Can anyone give me hand?

Can you post your Extensions.conf file?

I was at the same spot as you yesterday.

Take a look at my post

use the one from voxilla. This configures the SPA-3000 and give you as conf files to get you start.

Works Great

I figured out my last problem. The fast busy signal was caused by the dial plan on line one.

My next question is how do I get the sipura to answer incoming calls. It seems to just ring.

It would appear to me that it is a setting within the sipura 3000 but I’m not sure how to upload my settings so you can see them. Can I post an attachment somewhere?