Problem with webrtc

I have an issue with webrtc clients. All is working very well when I have logged about 20 client, when this number going up asterisk stop respond on any action. I tried increase session_limit to 1000 in http.conf but no result.

Its start going wrong in 20-30 minutes after Asterisk start

Can you define “stop respond on any action”?

Does the CLI stop accepting commands? Do calls fail?

Its mean I can NOT make any register/call etc. CLI works ok

And which channel driver are you using?

i am using only pjsip.
pjsip are registered to voip providers and clients via wss to asterisk

You would need to collect a backtrace[1] to see if Asterisk is actually deadlocked. What version of Asterisk is in use?


As I understand I should do this when situation will exist, right?
I am using

serv250018*CLI> core show version
Asterisk 17.8.1 built by root @ serv250018 on a x86_64 running Linux on 2020-11-07 16:42:30 UTC

It can only be done when the issue exists, as well if there is an issue then Asterisk 17 will not receive the fix.

So, Only 18 will receive fix ?

Current supported Asterisk versions are on the wiki[1]. 16 and 18 currently receive bug fixes.


i upgraded Asterisk to 18.0.1, still this same issue

dmesg shows this

[Tue Nov 17 14:56:01 2020] conntrack: generic helper won’t handle protocol 47. Please consider loading the specific helper module.
[Tue Nov 17 17:32:05 2020] asterisk[5829]: segfault at 18 ip 00007f6743ab18b8 sp 00007f6693492ba0 error 4 in[7f67439d7000+ea000]
[Tue Nov 17 17:32:05 2020] Code: 89 45 40 c7 45 48 01 00 00 00 eb d0 66 0f 1f 44 00 00 41 54 4c 8d 67 50 55 53 48 89 fb 48 8b 6f 58 49 39 ec 74 16 0f 1f 40 00 <48> 8b 7d 18 e8 cf 6b f2 ff 48 8b 6d 08 49 39 ec 75 ee 48 83 7b 40

That would be caused by a crash somewhere. You would need to follow the instructions I previously posted for getting a backtrace in the case of a deadlock or crash.

after this messages my asterisk box will crash

[Nov 25 14:42:49] WARNING[3533] pjproject: 	     tsx0x7fd76424cd48 ...Error sending Response msg 183/INVITE/cseq=19156 (tdta0x7fd764452bd8): Unknown Error (PJ_EUNKNOWN)
[Nov 25 14:43:09] WARNING[7662] pjproject: 	     tsx0x7fd758072c48 ...Error sending Response msg 183/INVITE/cseq=43432 (tdta0x7fd758025f38): Unknown Error (PJ_EUNKNOWN)
[Nov 25 14:43:17] WARNING[7662] pjproject: 	     tsx0x7fd7606c8c98 ...Error sending Response msg 183/INVITE/cseq=7156 (tdta0x7fd758025f38): Unknown Error (PJ_EUNKNOWN)
[Nov 25 14:43:42] WARNING[2705] pjproject: 	     tsx0x7fd7606ca4c8 .Error sending Response msg 183/INVITE/cseq=55337 (tdta0x7fd764248bb8): Unknown Error (PJ_EUNKNOWN)

I have a similar segfault
I’m using webrtc + pjsip + tls asterisk 16.9.0 in centos7.

error : kernel: asterisk[26777]: segfault at 90 ip 00007efe99f205e1 sp 00007efc4d842930 error 4 in[7efe99deb000+18e000]

the segfault occurs just when a the system has more than 30 pjsip on to receive call from a queue through a dialer, I upload tha archives by a Getting a Backtrace tutorial

core-asterisk-11-0-0-1119-1606498342-brief.txt (688.9 KB) core-asterisk-11-0-0-1119-1606498342-full.txt (2.1 MB) core-asterisk-11-0-0-1119-1606498342-locks.txt (656 Bytes) core-asterisk-11-0-0-1119-1606498342-thread1.txt (5.1 KB)

You would need to get a backtrace like I mentioned previously, then you can file an issue[1]. Please do not file an issue without the backtrace.


You are using an old version of Asterisk with an older version of PJSIP. You would need to update before this would be investigated. Crashes in that area were resolved in later releases.

Ok, I will update to 16.15.0 version and test it, thanks…

Hi, any news with this issue?

The community forum isn’t an issue tracker, and you did not do as I previously mentioned so there is nothing.

I just wanna ask @Tiagoggsouza if he create any issue on issue tracker or if he make that upgrade and there is any changes. Just it.