Webrtc sipml5 disconnects all connections randomly

Good morning everyone,

I have a problem with sipML5 Webrtc connections.

The system works correctly, and the calls are carried out normally, but randomly, and without an exact time, from time to time, all the extensions are disconnected little by little, and when I connect, asterisk does not respond to any command, and I have You have to restart the operating system to get it working again.

Sometimes it happens in a few hours, other times it happens after 10 hours, but without a definite pattern.

The asterisk spool also does not give me more information than the extensions are disconnected.

The asterisk version is 19, I have reviewed all the forums, and I don’t know why this happens (I have read various information in all the forums but I cannot solve it).

Can you help me?

A greeting.

Getting a Backtrace - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki.

Are you sure that restarting Asterisk isn’t sufficient?

Hi David,

It has happened again, and I have tried without restarting the operating system, to run asterisk again. I have killed the asterisk running process:

killall -9 asterisk

I have verified that there were no asterisk processes running, and then I have executed the statement:

asterisk -vvvvvg -c

Asterisk is back to normal, so no need to reboot, just killing the process and running it again is sufficient.

When the system crashes again, I will review the data that Asterisk provides me by following the steps in the link:


I inform you with the information you provide me.

A greeting.

Using kill -9 as a first step is a bad habit to get into. kill -3 is a better choice if you intend to debug it.

Also, normal installations of Asterisk include a script that will automatically restart asterisk after an abnormal termination.

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