Problem with wav + playback

-- Executing [89959777@isdn:3] Playback("mISDN/1-u0", "1") in new stack [Jun 5 11:22:03] WARNING[2613]: format_wav.c:140 check_header: Not a wav file 6 [Jun 5 11:22:03] WARNING[2613]: file.c:322 fn_wrapper: Unable to open format wav [Jun 5 11:22:03] WARNING[2613]: file.c:912 ast_streamfile: Unable to open 1 (format 0x8 (alaw)): No such file or directory [Jun 5 11:22:03] WARNING[2613]: app_playback.c:439 playback_exec: ast_streamfile failed on mISDN/1-u0 for 1

If i want to use Playback with the file “1” i get this error message. Asterisk doesn’t play the wav file. I used the Codec alaw. Where do I have an mistake? Must I install something else? I use Asterisk 1.4 on an Debian system.

How did you create the wave file ? Asterisk does not like all formats. Have a look at sox (man sox).