WAV files will not play, Asterisk 1.6 on CentOS5

I’m sure that it’s going to be a simply configuration change need but at the moment I’m not able to get wav files to playback over a SIP channel.

What config files do you guys need to look at to help point me in the right direction. Having searched and searched I’m no closer to the answer. As you can see below Asterisk seems to want to decode it using the alaw codec.

Here’s the error;
[Dec 7 12:23:19] WARNING[14862] file.c: File /tmp/output.wav does not exist in any format
[Dec 7 12:23:19] WARNING[14862] file.c: Unable to open /tmp/output.wav (format 0x8 (alaw)): No such file or directory
[Dec 7 12:23:19] WARNING[14862] app_playback.c: ast_streamfile failed on SIP/draytel-00000000 for /tmp/output.wav

Here’s extensions.conf
exten => 01793238705,8,Answer()
exten => 01793238705,n,System(echo “Say somthing usefull here” | /usr/bin/text2wave -scale 1.5 -F 8000 -o /tmp/output.wav)
exten => 01793238705,n,Playback(/tmp/output.wav)
exten => 01793238705,n,System(rm /tmp/output.wav)
exten => 01793238705,n,Hangup()

Any help or pointers would be most appreciated.



Remove the .wav.

Thanks, that worked.