Error playing wav file


I Have this error when I trying to play . wav file in asterisk. The wav file format is: wav pcm mono unsigned 8khz.

Oct 14 11:11:30 NOTICE[31846]: speech_channel.c:734 astchan_stream_file: Stream file /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/triodos/Cliente_NOCliente_PF_PJ on {886a581e-ee62-11e9-a491-b7b6dff4c1ae} length:73953

Oct 14 11:11:30 ERROR[31846]: format_wav.c:628 wav_tell: Tell called, but not handled

Any idea of this error?


Asterisk only supports signed. (Also make sure you are using the file extension .wav, as .WAV is for GSM encoded files. Signed linear fles need to have 16 bit samples.

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