Problem with Ports over 60000

I have an asterisk server running version 1.1.0. The server is behind a firewall and we are using port forwarding to make it work successfully.

We are using X-Lite soft phones.

I have externip and localnet setup properly in the sip.conf.

We WERE using ports 10000-20000 successfully for our RTP ports. (Under RTP.conf)

We now have some new users in another country who for some reason have to use rtp ports 60000 and above to connect via X-lite. Manually configuring ports on the X-lite client does not change anything… which is strange. I am not sure why this is happening but they connect and register fine, but are running on RTP ports 62151 and other random ports between 60000-65000.

Our work around was to open up additional UDP ports 50000-65000 on our firewall and change the rtp.conf to start at 10000 and end at 65000.

This configuration works GREAT between ports 10000-20000 and 50000-60000, but anything above 60000 is dropped.

Our firewall is not blocking 60000 and above, the Asterisk server is not accepting these connections. No firewalling is setup on our Asterisk server.

Like i said, clients who connection on 60000 and above can Register and i see them on my Asterisk info page… but voice is not working on both ends. I see packets from port 60000 and above being dropped when i look at our firewall logs.

Any help is appreciated.